Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All About Me

Good Evening,

I've decided to let you all know a little more about me.  I am a fifty plus year old man.  I am the proud father of three wonderful boys......ages 37 (soon to be 38), 31, and 8.  Now I know what you are thinking......I must be out of my mind.  Well I'm not.  At least not yet.  I consider myself totally blessed.  My older sons are living in Austin, Texas, and finding their way through life.  Never any problems with drugs or alcohol.  Never any problems with the law either.  One of them has even gone back to school to better his station in life.  I'm very proud of them both.  I am equally proud of my eight year old.  He is my joy.....and my pain.  No, not in a bad way.  In the best of ways.  Incredibly smart and inquisitive, very caring and loving, and very quickly growing bigger.  He is just at five feet tall and one hundred pounds at the age of eight.  Full of energy, and just big enough to cause me "pain" (of a physical nature), his hugs are great, but after a long day, wearing on this old man.  Don't misunderstand, I wouldn't give them up for anything.  One can never have too many hugs from your children.  Get all you can while they are still willing and not too afraid of being embarassed in front of their friends.  Now where are those Doan's Pills.  Do they even make them anymore?

I am also blessed to be married to my best friend.  My wife is the most patient, loving, caring, beautiful woman I have ever had the privilege to know.  She has a great sense of humor,(she married me), laughs at my bad jokes, (most of the time), and makes me happy to no end.  She is a great mommy to our son, and the best wife a man could ever dream of having.  Told you I was blessed.

In my years in this world I've had the joys and opportunities of a few lifetimes over.  To say that my life has been diverse is an understatement.  I've raced sailboats all over the world, I've run my own business, I've served in the US Navy, I've gone through divorce,(one time only), graduated college, and unfortunately had to bury both parents and my brother as well.  Not all in that order, but you get the idea.  I plan to get into more details in the future for anyone that might be interested.

As this blog goes along, feel free to pass along any comments or questions you might have.  Of course that is assuming that at some point along the way someone might stumble upon my little space in the blogosphere.  Being new to this type of thing I am definitely learning as I go.  My only hope is that at some point, pouring myself all over this blog will be of a benefit to someone.  Of course it is a benefit to me.  My plans are to post on a fairly regular basis, mostly about the happenings at that particular time.  I consider myself politically independant, but most definitely of a conservative bent.  I lean Republican, but unfortunately they can't seem to keep up any kind of momentum to overcome what I see as the ruin of this country.  I do believe that our country is strong enough to withstand the current liberal onslaught, but if the Republicans don't get their act together soon, my opinion might be changing.  As an eternal optomist, I will continue to believe that at some point, some "one" will step up and show our government the errors of our current ways and turn this big old ship around.  No matter who it is, it will take time, but it is and will be worth it.  This country that I am blessed to live in is most definitely worth it.

I will end this ramble for now, but hopefully be posting again later this evening. 

Thanks for listening................

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